This section will feature news, updates, events, and other messages from Tube Dog’s human.


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Site Adjustments

6.16.09: Archive 2008 is complete, however the rest of the site needs some maintenance. Category links are not working properly. #%&@!!

4.01.09: The Archive section is only for 2008 so far. And it’s not even complete. The human has been too lazy to update. Maybe one day when she has absolutely nothing else to do, she will get crackin’ on it.

9.14.08: Tube Dog’s Human spent a few hours tweaking shit. Navigation is now at the bottom. Figured out how to use Custom Fields to capture Credits. Move the copyright line. Got rid of borders around buttons. Messed with CSS. Integrated a new header banner. Adjusted image size in Archive. Tube Dog’s Human is tired and will now go veg in front of the TV and wait for Mad Men to come on.


6.16.09: Tube Dog is now on Facebook! OMG!

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4.05.09: Tube Dog is participating in the farce known as Dachshund Derby on Sunday at the Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley.  Tube Dog’s Human is creeped out by seedy gambling addicts and cheap people who take their offsprings to the race track on Dollar Sunday. Lord help us.

12.17.08: Tube Dog’s Human (TDH) will be traveling and abandoning the sausage for a few weeks effective Dec 22, so there won’t be new photos for a while. However, if Tube Dog’s substitute humans submit photos to TDH, she will upload them.