This site was created by Tube Dog’s human, a disturbed creative who always appears to have too much time on her hands.

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The Cranky Fine Print:

Most content belongs to (artwork, logos, photos by Tube Dog’s human). Photographic content submitted to this site belongs to whoever took the damn photo. Do not redistribute, use, sell, or claim any of these images as your own (unless you are the photographer). If you are interested in using anything from this site, ask for permission, hire Tube Dog to star in a commercial, hire Tube Dog’s human to create a global brand identity for your pooch, or would like to get in touch with a particular contributor who takes much better photos than Tube Dog’s human…contact the human at arf (at) dailywiener (dot) com.

Of course, feel free to link to the site, bookmark it, give credit, or shower us with praise and gifts. If you want to print out a photo and laminate it and stick it in your wallet or on your fridge because you adore Tube Dog, that is totally fine. Just don’t sell them. If anyone should profit from Tube Dog merchandise, it should be the one human who has to slave away in the advertising industry so she can afford to feed the turd-colored wiener expensive grain-free chow, and then pick up his grain-free shit every fucking day.