Tube Dog is a turd-colored, shit-eating wiener dog named Chorizo.

Tube Dog is referred to as:

Chorizo. Choricito. Choo. ChooChoo. Cho. ChoCho. Wiener Dog. The Wiener. SAUSAGE!. Tube Dog. Tubes. Shorty. The Chode. ChooChi. Choobeedoo. BooBoo. Little BooBoo. ChooChooBooBoo. Poopy head. PooHead. Stinky. BooBooHead. SammichBandit. Thief. Twerp. Loser. Weasel. Tard. Bozo. Asshole. Ass Dog. FUCKING DOG. Wiener McDweeb. BoojiBooji. SweetyPie. Baby. beebee. Little Boy. Doggy. BaoBei. Ah Go. Turd-Colored Shit-Eating Wiener. Needy Weenie. Puppeh.

Tube Dog answers to the following names:

Chorizo. Choo. ChooChoo. Hey.

Tube Dog doesn’t have much of a life. His daily activities consist of the following:

– eating
– sleeping
– pooping
– pissing
– licking his privates